Dear Friends,

As a result of recent breakthrough discoveries in brain research (click here for the research and reading list; click here for more fascinating findings), we now understand what sets up patterns of pain and reactivity and why so many of us end up in painful relationships. I have been fascinated and excited by the immense possibilities these discoveries have opened up for human healing and happiness.

New Depths combines psychology, neuroscience, and Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to create a deeply integrated healing map that offers an illuminating conceptual framework and as well as uniquely effective process work.

Among the most significant neuroscience discoveries is that trauma, neglect, and poor parenting actually result in physical damage to our brains.  Another startling finding is that the felt, inner experience of loving oneself is absolutely critical to the process of healing the brain.

The New Depths approach enables you to actually repair this brain damage, clear persistent emotional reactivity, and build new and healthy neural pathways in your brain.

When the stored pain of old trauma is resolved, it is replaced by an entirely new quality of wholeness, balance, and security. These in turn transform our capacity to connect freely and authentically with ourselves and others, creating exciting new possibilities for us to enjoy more deeply peaceful and satisfying relationships.

Those who have experienced the New Depths approach have expressed surprise and delight as their emotional reactivity has been replaced by emotional calm and a restoration of their capacity for empowered, authentic choice.  (Visit here to hear some of their stories.)

While this depth of inner healing requires readiness and persistence, we continue to regularly see results that are nothing short of astonishing.

If you would like to experience New Depths healing, I invite you to contact me to work with me personally, one-on-one.

I’m also available to lead telephone groups for small groups. If you are excited about this and you are willing to advertise, convene the group, manage it, communicate with members, and coordinate payment, please contact me. I am not currently available for Zoom or video teaching.

With anticipation,

Susan Skye
New Depths