Remarkable Results

One of the things that sets the New Depths approach apart is the speed and depth of its effectiveness. Many people who experience the Integrating Inner Parts Process (the “crown jewel” of New Depths’  healing processes) report getting relief in only one session from symptoms, issues, and difficulties that have plagued them for decades, despite having tried many different kinds of therapy and other healing approaches.

Here are just a few examples of the remarkable results that New Depths has made for people longing for greater wholeness, freedom, empowerment, and well-being:

“…I no longer am flooded with shame when I make the smallest mistake. I’m able to actually look at you all … and not get lost in my shame at being seen. …There’s a part of me that has always held back from living into that possibility [of full self-expression] for myself … and my experience is that there is nothing now in my way of doing that. So, this is probably one of the most precious moments I’ve had in my life.”

— Fred S., PhD Psychologist and CNVC Certified NVC Trainer (Portland, Oregon, USA)

— Mitch H., Life coach, collaborative decision-making facilitator, entrepreneur, single mom (Colorado, USA)

“The first time I had the courage to speak in this group, I spoke to you about whether I could belong or not, because I really struggle with that. And I’ve had more feeling of belonging here than I’ve ever had in my life … I am so grateful to all of you. I feel so welcome here, like there’s room for me. It’s such a blessing.”

— Joy, Clergywoman (North Carolina, USA)

— Robin C., Colorado, USA

“This is one of the … highlights of my life … a sense of what it feels like to be in a group of people and have a sense of what secure attachment is like, to actually feel it, and feel safe.”

— Sheila, Aerospace Software Configuration Manager (California, USA)

“I’ve been on my own healing journey for more than 40 years, trying all different kinds of healing work. I’ve also been doing very effective transformational healing work with others for nearly 30 years. … But I’ve been heartbreakingly frustrated by my inability to set important limits in my very difficult relationship with my partner. Normally I’m able to say “no” and stand up for myself whenever I need to, but for some reason in this relationship I shut down and just feel small and scared, or finally blow up and feel intensely angry. It hadn’t make any difference that I knew my experience of not being listened to and not mattering was just like my relationship with my mother; I still couldn’t stop the pattern.

The New Depths Intensive Program has been a godsend. The scientific information alone has been transformational — I finally understand why I haven’t been able to say “no,” and this understanding has increased my compassion for myself … which I can see is an essential part of my healing.

Being part of a community of such different kinds of people who are all so willing to do such deep work with so much kindness, authenticity, and compassionate self-responsibility has had its own profound healing impact.

Most astounding of all has been my experience of the Integrating Inner Parts Process. In 40 years of personal and professional work, I have never seen or experienced a faster or more effective healing method. In just one session, I made a depth of connection with my “inner orphan” who was “never listened to / never mattered” that healed the wounds from that experience and OVERNIGHT left me able to say “No” to my partner at essential times that I was never able to before. Because of my new-found ability to say “no,” we’ve finally made some changes in our relationship that have put an end to the toxic upsets we’d been experiencing. I can’t believe it. And the change in him after just one Integrating Inner Parts session was, well, I have to say miraculous. He’d been struggling with severe trauma for 60+ years, and overnight he just stopped reacting to some things that had been a constant problem for us.

I have tears in my eyes as I remember this. I am so grateful to you both for the gift of this work. It’s just miraculous. I know that’s a big word, but no other word does it justice.”

— Victoria M., M.A. (Portland, Oregon)

I just wanted to share with you Susan that I am experiencing a real shift in myself in relationship to my grandaughters since the healing you did with me.  I had [my young granddaughter] Friday afternoon.  She looked sad and I asked her what was going on. She said, “I threw up last night.” When I asked her why she thought she threw up, she answered that she was “starving” the night before and her parents would not let her eat before going to bed. I was able to stay present and calm and loving and give her empathy! My ‘defender’ did not come up.

That is sort of a miracle for me because I did not get enough to eat till I was age 7 and half.  My mom spent all the welfare money (before food stamps) on booze and we often went hungry.  So normally I would have really been triggered that [she] said she was starving.  She has had a history of throwing up in the night.  It has been diagnosed as stress. In the past I would have been full of anxiety, fear, and wanting to react in anger and judgment against her parents.  I did not!

I am so grateful for the healing and integration.  The work we did not only makes life better for me but better for my grandaughters. That is priceless.  Much love and gratitude.”

— S.C., St. George, Utah

[Through this work] I was ‘liberated’ from 15 years of PTSD. As [Sarah] explained the role of the amygdala and the strategies for coping with fear/flight/freeze, what [she] calls ”the three lane highway” I was, and still am, able to deconstruct the process of being triggered/stimulated into painful and non-functioning behaviours. From that day to this I continue to study, learn and most importantly heal my mind with Sarah’s stellar understanding of the brain & behaviour.”

— J. Lochrie, Vancouver, BC