Living Energy of Needs video – Sneak Preview

The universal life energy of needs is an essential component of resonant empathy and effective brain repair.

In this illuminating clip from Susan’s Living Energy of Needs (LEN) video, Susan shows how we can internally “plug into” the universal life energy of needs, making that life energy available to us at all timesregardless of the particular external circumstances of our relationships or our life.

Interested in the full LEN video? 

In the full video (35 minutes),  in addition to this clip footage Susan also defines and describes what a “need” is, clarifies what people react to when receiving our attempts at empathy, and provides guided exercises that demonstrate how we can transform our empathy practice (expressing and guessing needs) from something that might sometimes seem flat and mechanical into something that leaves others with an experience of “Hey, this person really gets me!”

Practice as you learn, and get a real felt experience of the living energy of needs!

Click here to purchase the full LEN video ($29).