Living Energy of Needs (video) *NEW*

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In this *NEW* video version of the wonderful Living Energy of Needs (35 minutes), Susan:

  • defines and describes what a “need” is, and distinguishes this from how our mainstream culture defines needs
  • explains how needs live in us/distinguishes the living energy of needs
  • shows how you can have an experience of fulfillment at any timeregardless of the current circumstances of your relationships or your life
  • reveals what people react to, when receiving some attempts at empathy
  • clarifies what distinguishes alive, resonant empathy (which changes our brains) from “dead”, mechanical empathy (that often annoys or upsets people)
  • provides a guided exercise that creates a felt experience of the living energy of needs
  • provides a guided exercise that demonstrates in detail how to generate the living energy of needs to create resonant empathy (which heals our brains)
  • reveals a way to offer empathy that leaves others with an experience of “Hey, this person really gets me!”

Practice as you learn, and get a real felt experience of the living energy of needs!

(This talk was recorded at a “Living Energy of Needs” weeklong training. Over several years it received such a positive response that Susan developed the New Depths Intensive Program for healing childhood trauma.)


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