Producing Transformational Change

Why is it that when we go to therapy, sometimes things shift for the better, but we still struggle with them? And often our issues do not budge. And it’s costly and time consuming.

We’d all love to have the behavior, mood or thoughts just go away. This is what happens when there’s transformational change.


The Fatal Effects Of Trying To Be Perfect

Do you always feel like you aren’t enough?

Not good enough, not smart enough, not quick enough?

Are you afraid of making a mistake because every mistake makes you feel like a failure?

Is there a voice inside you that’s always telling you that you need to try harder, do more, do better?

No matter […]

Why Is Your Attachment Style Important?

Have you noticed how people tend to create the same familiar and destructive patterns in relationships?

Have you felt the agony of thinking “This time I’ve found the right person,” and then watched the relationship go up in flames again?

Would you like to understand why you feel alone […]

IPNB Meditation – Body Connection (Vagus Nerve)

IPNB Going Into and Coming Out of Freeze

Understanding Reactivity: Breakthroughs in Brain Science Meet NVC

Have you ever felt frustrated because you want to stay in NVC consciousness, to stay emotionally calm, and aren’t able to?

Maybe you find yourself:

blowing up at someone you love and then blaming and judging yourself wanting to speak in front of a group, but are so nervous you can’t longing to understanding what […]

Reclaiming Our Inner Orphans – New Depths Process Work DEMO

In our childhood and teen years, ongoing and consistent lack of nurture, lack of connection, and lack of a sense of belonging create emotional trauma. Ongoing life in a neglectful, toxic or violent home also creates emotional trauma.

So what does that mean?

It means that younger parts of ourselves become cut off and encapsulated […]

How to Create Thriving Relationships with Adult Children

Do you feel a longing to be able to relax and feel close to your now-adult children?

Do you feel helpless about how to do this?

Is there such a lot of pain in them and you, that it’s like a minefield to talk?

And deep in your stomach is there a sense of self […]

How to Build New Attitudes, Beliefs, Feelings

Wouldn’t it be lovely to feel “good” emotionally most of the time?

To feel naturally confident and supportive of ourselves?

As it turns out, our attitudes, thoughts, and feelings create the world we live inside of, day to day.

And all too often, our emotions and beliefs (thinking) “have us,” rather than the other way […]

Why Mr./Ms. “Right” Goes “Wrong”

Over the years we’ve worked with so many people who are in pain over relationships – relationships that start out with excitement and elation, with dreams that appear to be coming true, with the sense that “at last I have met someone who gets me and will love and care for me.”

Fast forward […]