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    New Depths integrates the latest discoveries in brain science, psychology & trauma treatment, and Nonviolent Communication (NVC) into a uniquely effective healing method that literally rewires our brain and restores our birthright of well-being.

    Those who experience the New Depths approach consistently report truly remarkable results; click here to hear their stories.


    “This is one of the most powerful healing approaches I’ve ever seen.
    Every mental health and personal development professional, as well as
    anyone on a personal healing journey, will want to experience this.”
    — Fred Sly, PhD Psychologist and CNVC Certified Trainer

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    New Depths will help you to:Inner Path

    • Understand how and why you get triggered into fear, anger, guilt, or shame
    • Unravel the mystery of failed relationships, and empower you to create or restore deeply satisfying connections with others
    • Learn proven healing processes and use them to transform even persistent patterns of emotional reactivity (fight, flight, freeze) into emotional calm and stability
    • Bring the transformational healing power and beauty of resonant empathy to wounded, disconnected parts of yourself
    • Develop a personal road map to self-empowerment that provides a guide to lasting well-being, authenticity, self-worth, and inner peace

    For more about the New Depths approach and the latest scientific discoveries that make it uniquely powerful, read the Letter from Susan Skye, New Depths’ Creator and Lead Trainer.

    For all the ways you can get access to New Depths healing methods, visit our Sources of Support page.


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