Why Mr./Ms. “Right” Goes “Wrong”

couple_connectedOver the years we’ve worked with so many people who are in pain over relationships – relationships that start out with excitement and elation, with dreams that appear to be coming true, with the sense that “at last I have met someone who gets me and will love and care for me.” 

Fast forward two, three, seven years: it’s falling apart.  He/She isn’t who I thought. And the the pain and disillusionment of breaking up a marriage or intimate relationship – loss, often bewilderment, anger and of course tears.

What’s going on?  Why does this happen to so many of us?

And when it happens, why does it so often lead us to the additional pain of self-critical, self-blaming thinking:  what’s wrong with me?, how did I create this?, why do I keep attracting the “wrong” person?, and so on.couple_fighting_silhouette

Join Sarah as she explores this most painful, yet all too common relationship pattern and paint a picture of what goes on in our very young brains that later has a huge impact on our relationship success. Discover how to rebuild the pathways in our brains that move us from being victims of some mysterious pattern toward an empowered understanding of how to create secure, supportive and sustainable intimate relationships.
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