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The Sacred Work of Restoring the Self:  How the life force of love and compassion can heal early childhood trauma and create new neural pathways in the brain. 

This five day immersion with Susan Skye into deep care and loving processes for repairing the impact of childhood pain and neglect is built upon understanding that:

  • human brains are hardwired for love
  • a child’s brain can be physically damaged by emotional neglect, abuse, shaming as well as from physical abuse and violation
  • you can build new nervous tissue in your brain, now and at any age
  • the sacred (meaning life restoring) energy of love and compassion actually heal our brains by creating new neural pathways?

This five day training is designed to introduce the how to of restoring full emotional balance that can hugely shift our ability to stay in a connected place when under stress, as well as to begin to understand our patterns of attachment (or lack thereof) in significant relationships.  We will also explore how to create the kinds of relationships we long for and practices that support us to sustain them.

Our 5 days together include:

  • ‘The Living Energy of Needs’ – a talk by Susan as a download for pre-course preparation
  • Exploring the key points from the latest work in brain science and how that helps us heal our own trauma and reactivity
  • Daily meditation and in depth process work by Susan with individuals and practice with both the personal and resonant healing
  • Ongoing practice of processes, holding and support via group  conference calls – 3 x 2hr calls in 1, 2, and 3 months following the training


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