brain_synapses_luminous_girlHave you ever felt frustrated because you want to stay in NVC consciousness, to stay emotionally calm, and aren’t able to?

Maybe you find yourself:

    • blowing up at someone you love and then blaming and judging yourself
    • wanting to speak in front of a group, but are so nervous you can’t
    • longing to understanding what goes on inside us that stops us from being in our hearts in “present time”
    • repeating old painful relationship patterns from the past but stymied how to shift them

These are just a few of our ‘reactive’ behaviors. They’re actually old strategies designed to help us survive, that we adopted when we were small and defenseless. Unfortunately, these old neural pathways in our brains are long outdated, and don’t work very well when applied to adult situations.

Fortunately each of us can learn the how to successfully update our brain wiring.

Join Susan to learn how our brains create these reactions, why our brains maintain them long after they’re useful, and how we can rewire our brains and enjoy less reactivity and more presence, calm, and choice in our lives.