inner_orphans_woman_comforting_little_girlIn our childhood and teen years, ongoing and consistent lack of nurture, lack of connection, and lack of a sense of belonging create emotional trauma. Ongoing life in a neglectful, toxic or violent home also creates emotional trauma.

So what does that mean?

It means that younger parts of ourselves become cut off and encapsulated in memory that is painful, dysfunctional and misfiled!
It’s in the wrong place and our brain can’t properly integrate it.

These painful memories become part of our brain’s limbic survival system. And in that world, the trauma isn’t over.

These ‘inner orphans’ are still experiencing the pain and repeating specific survival strategies over and over, because they can never get safe. They are caught in a kind of neural limbo.

Join Susan as she explains the process and then demonstrates live (with a volunteer) how we can access these inner orphans and open a pathway toward full brain reintegration.