Children are like flowers. They need sunshine, good soil, and nourishment in order to flourish. Sadly, many, many children’s early experience of life is instead one of chaos, aloneness, fear, and bewilderment.

In the last decade there have been dramatic breakthroughs in understanding how early childhood neglect and/or abuse impacts and damages our brains, both physically and emotionally.

In this compelling talk, Susan gives a succinct and compelling description of the basics of childhood trauma and the brain.

For decades we learned that the neural tissue of the brain could not be replaced. We now know the amazing and wonderful truth – that our brains are neuro-plastic: we can actually build new realities. In this talk Susan describes the pathways to healing the pain and trauma of the past. She conveys the hope and excitement that comes from learning how to actually create new pathways that allow our brains to thrive.

This talk was recorded from the “Living Energy of Needs” training. Over several years it received such a positive response that Susan developed the New Depths Intensive Program for healing childhood trauma.