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We hope you enjoy and are supported in your healing journey by these FREE video and audio (mp3) resources.

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  • Understanding Reactivity and Trauma.  In this profound video, Susan reveals the hidden causes of our emotional upsets and reactivity, explains what “trauma” is, and shares three ways we can get relief.  (Recorded at the April 2014 New Depths Introductory Weekend.)
  • Video Clip from Susan’s Living Energy of Needs video. The universal life energy of needs is an essential component of resonant empathy and effective brain repair. In this illuminating clip from Susan Skye’s Living Energy of Needs (LEN) video, Susan shows how we can internally “plug into” the universal life energy of needs, making that life energy available to us at all timesregardless of the particular external circumstances of our relationships or our life.
  • Intro to NVC + IPNB.   Enjoy these fascinating out-takes from Sarah’s 70-minute video interview with Edwin Rutsch of the Center for Building a Culture of Empathy exploring Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) and Nonviolent Communication (NVC).



  • Producing Transformational ChangeWhy is it that when we go to therapy, sometimes things shift for the better, but we still struggle with them?  We’d all love to have the behavior, mood or thoughts just go away: we want transformational change.  Join Susan for an exploration of the difference between transformational vs. counteractive change, and learn what needs to happen in the brain, in order to produce transformational change.
  • The Fatal Effects Of Trying To Be Perfect.  No matter how hard we try, there’s no way to win the game of trying to be perfect. Lots of us flip back and forth between trying to be perfect and feeling like a failure. We have no middle ground. Join Sarah and Susan to find out how to create the middle ground where we find the experience of contentment, satisfaction and self-acceptance.
  •  Why Is Your Attachment Style Important?  Each of us have basic relationship imprints that we carry with us from our earliest days.  Join Susan and Sarah to discover what these are and how they can be shifted, even in adulthood, to at last create mutually satisfying and secure relationships.  (BONUS: Click here to discover what your attachment style is.)
  • Understanding Reactivity: Breakthroughs in Brain Science Meet NVC.  Have you ever felt frustrated because you want to stay in NVC consciousness, to stay emotionally calm, and aren’t able to? Our reactive behaviors are actually old strategies designed to help us survive, that we adopted when we were small and defenseless. These old neural pathways in our brains are long outdated, and don’t work very well when applied to adult situations. Join Susan to learn how our brains create these reactions, why our brains maintain them long after they’re useful, and how we can rewire our brains and enjoy less reactivity and more presence, calm, and choice in our lives.
  • How to Create Thriving Relationships with Adult Children.  In the course of their work, Susan and Sarah have encountered many caring and compassionate people who are in pain around difficulties and disconnection with their grown children. The good news is, repair and restored connection are absolutely possible. This telecall explores this tender topic and offers some pathways that bring about transformation.
  • How to Build New Attitudes, Beliefs, and FeelingsOur attitudes, core beliefs, and feelings largely determine our results in life.  In this telecall, Susan reveals how we can train our brains and develop the awareness and skill to choose the attitudes, beliefs, and feelings that empower us to create what we really want in life.
  • Why Mr./Ms. “Right” Goes “Wrong.”  Join Sarah to understand what happens when we meet Mr./Ms. “Right” only to encounter the loss, bewilderment, anger and of course tears when they turn out to be Mr./Ms. “Wrong.” Learn what goes on in our very young brains that later has a huge impact on our relationship success, and how to rebuild the pathways in our brains enable us to create secure, supportive and sustainable intimate relationships.
  • Racism and the Brain: Toward an Understanding.  Join Susan as she shares the fascinating neuroscience behind the different way some of our brains react when we see pain in someone who “belongs to our group” vs. in someone who is “not us”  … and how not everyone’s brain works this way!
  • Are We Addicted to Our Pain?  Sarah and Susan explore how we can change our habitual patterns of self-defeating thought and transform suffering into mourning and, ultimately, fulfillment and joy.
  • The Longing for Belonging.  Susan presents the brain science behind our longing for belonging, and practices that can clear old patterns and actually fulfill on that longing.
  • The Impact of Painful Experience.  Susan and Sarah explain how our brains change as a result of  painful experience, and what we can do to restore our brain’s natural ability to handle life’s challenges without overwhelm or struggle.
  • The Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Need for Respect.  In this short but profound audio, Susan unpacks the various ways one may view (and experience) the need for respect. By deepening your understanding of respect, you will enjoy greater choice and clarity in your own experience of respect and in making requests of others. (12 minutes)