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    Susan and Sarah’s New Depths workshops and retreats integrate the latest discoveries in brain science, trauma treatment, and Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to create a uniquely effective experience that literally rewires your brain and restores your birthright of well-being.

    Inner Path


    New Depths workshops and retreats address the causes and effects of early childhood trauma, and include a combination of experiential process work, conceptual learning, breathing and guided visualizations, as well as small group work.

    Understanding Trauma – Causes and Effects:

    • Understand how trauma interrupts normal memory integration and how this can create lifelong dysfunctional patterns unless resolved.
    • Identify and resolve your own traumatic experiences
    • Discover how to create new neural networks in your brain that support thriving

    Process and Experiential Learning

    • Individual experiential process work that creates stable, positive change
    • Learning the New Depths’ transformational process that integrates old traumatic memory and reconnects disconnected inner parts
    • Integrating these unprocessed traumatic memories and trauma-based symptoms in order to create a compassionate, empowered and heart-connected relationship with your painful past
    • Learning how to shift negative beliefs and assumptions about yourself towards a positive, life-affirming sense of self

    Cognitive and Relational LearningND_participants in triads

    • Understanding the brain and the role of memory in the healing process
    • Methods for repairing our brains and handling emotional triggers and reactivity
    • How to calm your emotional alarm system
    • How to develop and sustain emotional equilibrium and self-regulation
    • How to use deep process work to repair and create the brain circuits that support warmth and intimacy
    • Developing sustainable, life-supporting strategies to nourish and support you going forward



    • The latest findings in brain science (Interpersonal Neurobiology) and what they mean for you
    • Deepening your understanding of how our early attachment experiences (or lack thereof) still live in us
    • How to bring the self-connection we’ve been developing within ourselves into an alive dynamic in our friendships, lifepartnerships, and parent-child relationships
    • An exciting, very effective new process that produces transformational, stable change in core implicit, traumatic memories
    • Unconcealing Sacred Vows and discovering what how our nervous systems can be released from these original contracts, including the overlapping effects of attachment vows and trauma vows
    • Strengthening our ability to stay joyfully alive, self-connected and self-regulated in the face of emotional entanglement with others and also with the world itself, while acknowledging the pain and joy we may have in living in a global society that is all too often wedded to its own pain and trauma


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    BONUSES your participants will receive with any New Depths workshop offering include:2011 New Depths Participants (small group)

    • Susan’s Living Energy of Needs (MP3 + video) and Healing Childhood Trauma (MP3) – delivered as soon as participants register
    • Any two of Sarah’s IPNB Teleseminar offerings (MP3s + slides) – delivered as soon as participants register
    • Easy access to all New Depths and IPNB free audio and visual recordings and teleseminars for all registrants (more than 18 different recordings)



    The following is a list of values that we’d like our participants to resonate with:

    • A desire to learn about brain research that relates to healing unresolved childhood pain and promoting well-being
    • A willingness to engage in or witness inner work that may involve intense emotional content
    • A willingness and ability to be part of a group and to speak in the group
    • A willingness to value both your own needs and the needs of the other members of our community


    TO EXPLORE RECEIVING A CUSTOM NEW DEPTHS WORKSHOP or RETREAT, click here and let us know the details of your request.